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What it measures

This quiz estimates the size of your ecological footprint

The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food, goods, services, housing, and energy and assimilate your wastes. Your ecological footprint is expressed in "global hectares" (gha) or "global acres" (ga), which are standardized units that take into account the differences in biological productivity of various ecosystems impacted by your consumption activities. Your footprint is broken down into four consumption categories: carbon (home energy use and transportation), food, housing, and goods and services. Your footprint is also broken down into four ecosystem types or biomes: cropland, pastureland, forestland, and marine fisheries. Here are the global averages in global acres:

There are only 38.82 global acres available per person on a renewable basis. This means we are overshooting the Earth's biological capacity by nearly 50%. To sustain present levels of consumption, we would need:

1.50 earths

  • Getting to your 10% Take the Quiz for Fun If you haven’t registered already, sorry, but it’s too late to officially compete in this year’s Footprint Challenge. However, there are still many simple ways to help us reduce SJSU’s footprint by our goal of at least 10% this year!

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