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Getting to Your 10% Footprint Reduction

(The information below is also available here in print-friendly PDF format, to help as a visual guide in your continuing daily efforts at footprint reduction.)


(Don't forget to bring reusable shopping bags!)

[ ] Shop locally

    - Farmer's market (Fri. 10am-2pm, San Pedro Square)   
    - Spartan Smart Cart (Tues. 10:15am-1:30pm, near the Olympic statues)
    - Health food store (VTA Bus 82 to Whole Foods in Campbell)

10 points (        )           

[ ] Buy biodegradable cleaning products

    - Check out 7th Generation or use vinegar and baking soda.

5 points (        )           

[ ] Buy organic!

    - Even Safeway has organic options now, at good prices!

13 points (       )           


[ ] Laundry & Dishes

    - Wait until I have enough for a full load!                     
    - Hang out laundry instead of using the drier when possible.

1 point each (       )           

[ ] Sort recycling and take to the curb

    - Santa Clara County has curbside pickup for
      glass, metal, paper, plastics (#s 1-7) and more.

5 points (       )           

[ ] Don't wash the car - Wait another few weeks!

1 point (       )           


[ ] Take the bus or train to campus ____ days per week.

    - Check out schedules and routes at

1 point/day (       )           

[ ] Get some exercise and ride my bike to campus.

    - Take a bike skills class as a refresher -

 2 points/weekday (       )           


[ ] Check out,, and the thrift shops!

    - Buy, sell, and donate used clothes, household items,
      and electronics instead of buying new.

3 points (       )           

[ ] Swap out old light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL bulbs.

  - Find stores that sell PG&E-subsidized CFLat -

2 points (       )           

Total Points*  __________         

(*25 points represents 10% of the nationwide average ecological footprint.)

Reduce Your Footprint

PDF Document (92,4 KB)

  • Getting to your 10% Take the Quiz for Fun If you haven’t registered already, sorry, but it’s too late to officially compete in this year’s Footprint Challenge. However, there are still many simple ways to help us reduce SJSU’s footprint by our goal of at least 10% this year!

    Take to quiz here, and sign up for our sustainability email list, to learn how to reduce your footprint in little ways, in all areas of our daily lives...
  • What it measures What it measures The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food, goods, services...