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Need Help? FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Need Help with Your Quiz Answers?

"I’m not sure how many miles I drive per year."

The American average number of vehicle miles traveled per year is 12,000. Honestly decide whether or not you think you're about that, or more or less, and by how much.

"I’m not sure how many miles I fly per year."

One way flight distances between some example cities are listed below for perspective:

San Francisco to LA is 327 miles
San Jose to Chicago is 1,829 miles
San Jose to Las Vegas 381
San Francisco to New York City, NY is 2,413 miles
San Jose to Honolulu, HI is 2,567 miles

(Obviously double these figures, for round trip flights)

"What if I shop at Trader Joe’s for some food, Safeway or Lucky’s for the rest?"

Select the option, “Supermarkets for some, natural food stores for others."

Need Website/Technical Help?

What if my computer hangs while taking the quiz and I cannot complete it?

Occasionally, heavy traffic to the quiz causes temporary problems with server capacity and you will not be able to move to the next page of the quiz. If this occurs, follow these steps:  

  • Quit the quiz, and close your browser.
  • Reopen your browser, and navigate to the quiz home page.
  • Login using your user ID and password.
  • Select “Start the Challenge” to begin again.
  • If this does not work, please clear your browser’s cache, close the browser, and start the quiz again.

Here are instructions for clearing the cache with the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer 7.x

1. Click the Tools menu. If you don't see the menu, press Alt button on your keyboard to show the menus.
2. Select Delete Browsing History.
3. Click the Delete files button.
4. Click the Yes button in the confirmation window.
5. Click the Close button.

Internet Explorer 6.x

1.  Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Internet Options.
3. Click the General tab.
4. Click the Delete Cookies button.
5. Click the OK button in the confirmation window.
6. Click the OK button to close the 'Internet Options' window.

Firefox 3.x for Windows

1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Clear Private Data.
3. Select the 'Cache' checkbox.
4. Click the 'Clear Private Data Now' button.

Safari 3.x for Mac OS X

1. Click the Safari menu.
2. Select Empty Cache.
3. Click Empty.

Firefox 3.x for Mac OS X

1.  Click the Firefox menu.
2. Select Preferences.
3. Select Advanced.
4. Click the Network tab.
5. In the 'Offline Storage' section, click Clear Now.
6. Click the OK button.

Still having trouble?

If you are still having problems completing the quiz, please send us an e-mail at Please describe the nature of the problem, when you encountered the problem, what operating system you are using (PC or Mac), what browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and what version of the browser.


Lost your login credentials?

Please keep the email we've sent you upon registration, which contains your login and password information for use in the future.  If you loose this email, please contact and we will retrieve it for you.





















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