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The Ecological Footprint is a powerful tool for introducing the concept of sustainability to students. Redefining Progress has applied the Footprint to a number of resources for educators from the primary to university levels.

The Bobbie Bigfoot Quiz is a fun, interactive way to introduce the Ecological Footprint to young people. The site includes lesson plans for science and social studies classes at the elementary and middle-school level.

Five simple sustainability lesson plans can be easily integrated into K-12 classroom.

A training manual for social studies and history teachers, "Thinking Critically about Environmental Impacts throughout History," provides educators with a self-paced curriculum for incorporating the scientific and social aspects of resource use into the classroom.

A free, university-level web course, "Assessing Energy's Footprint and Carbon Emissions" is designed to teach college students and resource management professionals how to calculate the ecological footprint of energy use and the carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

A selective list of organizations offering tools to introduce the subject of sustainability in the classroom.

To learn how other educators are using the Ecological Footprint Quiz in their classrooms, join our Educator’s Forum.

  • SednaTV
  • San Jose State University
  • Creative Change Education Solutions
  • Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation
  • SNC Lavalin