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Engage your friends

  • Start a conversation by asking your friends about their social and ecological concerns.
  • Encourage your friends to take the Ecological Footprint Quiz, and then compare your results. Get involved with global and local movements for social change, or start your own movement.

Involve society

  • Write a letter to your local government representative.
  • Speak to your school district about incorporating the Ecological Footprint into their curriculum.
  • Inform local businesses about the Ecological Footprint, and encourage them to calculate the mark they leave on the planet.
  • Register to vote and vote for candidates who support:
    • Renewable energy policies
    • Highly fuel efficient modes of transportation
    • Protecting existing ecologically productive lands
    • Restoring degraded natural areas
    • Promoting organic and local food sources
    • Setting standards for recycled product procurement policies and fair trade
  • Take a look at the League of Conservation Voters' annual report on the environmental voting records of members of Congress.

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